Little Bits of String

Yeah, I know, way to spoil a highly successful exit line. But I SAID it wasn’t quite the Big Goodbye moment yet, and I meant that. I don’t propose to keep up some crazy perfect storm of blogging, but there are still things to say and I certainly hope to say some of them before the ol’ 16-ton anvil hits.

The first and most important of them is that I have been completely blown away by the response to my previous post. O ye gods and little fishes, all this love and support and all these marvelous memories! How wonderful are you guys? and how wonderful is it to feel one is being remembered and thought of in that way? I will have to leave your imagination to do the answering, because this is where all my vaunted way with words leaves me realizing that some things… just aren’t about words. Between the threads and PMs on Ravelry and the blog comments and the tweets and the hand-delivered expressions that have reached me… I desperately wish I could respond individually to every single message, but the sheer VOLUME – that’s more stamina than I’ve got kicking around under the circumstances. Just know that I thank you and love you – I treasure all those memories too – and am warmed and humbled and heartened all at once.

Next – I’ve noticed several people bemoaning the loss of opportunity, assuming that the end of me is also the end of the line for the availability of Tsocks. NOT SO! Take heart, and never say never. That is not the plan – on the contrary, I am doing my best to arrange with my deeply-committed co-conspirators that the present kits will CONTINUE to be available, indeed eventually in larger quantities and via web as well as show. Furthermore, they also plan to keep bringing older titles from the line back into circulation, including a few that most of you have never seen because they were club kits that never made it to the blog. So there are still treats in store, and we intend to KEEP them in store. Stay tuned.

Third – a few people have asked about Luke. I’m sorry it never occurred to me to mention this, but as of a couple of weeks ago there is no longer anything to worry about in that department. After a good long happy silly life, Luke is already at rest. It was his time, and he went easy. Pretty soon he’ll be my guest blogger in the Happy Hunting Grounds, if that’s how the Mystery plays out.
Esprit d’escalier department: I suddenly realized that this is the perfect explanation of what ails me. Spinners beware… and clicky: