Inspired by the heroine of the ballet “Don Quixote” (Quitarea in the original), whose traditional costume is a marvelous red Spanish tutu with black lace ornaments, and whose big variation is a flirtatious little number wirh a fan.

(I’m not entirely sure this design is really a sock. I have the oddest feeling it’s actually a big lace mantilla in disguise; but that will be an adventure for another season.)

Features of the Kitri Sock

  1. Top-down construction
  2. Instep and ankle pattern: Fan lace; a scaled-down modification and inversion of the old Peri’s Parasol pattern.
  3. Heel: short-row shaping, with a tiny embossed fan on the back.
  4. Toe: The fan pattern extends to the tip and the toe is shaped by the pattern decreases.
  5. Cuff: Twisted 1×1 rib, overlaid with beaded lace. The lace is my own design, a shetland-style edging I call Beaded Double Diamond; it’s worked in black Jaggerspun Zephyr, and the beads are a combination of black and silver-lined garnet Czech glass, with a “Tiny Tim” teardrop at the points.