Still with the Apologies

I can’t believe it’s already Saturday, and I still haven’t posted about Thursday. And that I’m not even doing so now – not yet. Still recovering, and still catching up, and still roundiing up errant pictures. (Hint, hint, Helen…? Ple-e-e-e-e-e-eeeez…?)

But I do want to grab a second to say a couple of things.

About the Blue Stocking pattern: Many thanks to everyone who has written to me about it. (I hope I’ve answered you all, so far! If I haven’t, please do not hesitate to scold me for it.)

The question I seem to be getting most often is: “Are you still sending it out?” and the answer is, and will continue to be, a resounding YES. I am still sending it out in beta, and as soon as I can I will begin sending it out in finished form – or, as the case may be, announcing its availability for download.

The question I find myself asking most often is: “Would you prefer the beta version (now) or the finished version (in a few days)?” For anyone still planning to request the pattern – would you mind specifying that in in your e-mail? It will save me a step and enable me to send you the file that much sooner.

About the other day I do have a great deal to say, probably a great deal too much, and I will try to get the rest of it organized by tomorrow. Meanwhile… I know perfectly well what you really want, and here is a small foretaste of it. Courtesy of The BoyTM (the most enlightened muggle I know – you should just hear him talk about waste yarn!) and his fancy camera and his fabulous photographic skillz, I give you – one simply extraordinary sweater, and the woman wearing it (over jeans, bless her) ain’t chopped liver neither.